ReVitalizing A Stronger Butterfly Ecology

Blooming Butterflies is on a mission to SAVE the Endangered Monarch Butterflies – and we need your help.

The annual population status report for the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus shows a 27 percent decrease from last year’s population. Populations of this once-common iconic black and orange butterfly have plummeted by approximately 90 percent in just the last two decades.

The Monarch Butterfly migrate over 3,000 miles every year from Central Canada to Central Mexico. They need Milkweed to eat and lay eggs, the only host food plant for monarch caterpillars, as well as nectar plants needed by adults.

The threats to the species are the loss of habitat in the United States–both the lack of availability of milkweed, through land conversion of habitat for agriculture, removal of native plants and the use of pesticides, and loss of habitat in Mexico from illegal logging around the monarchs’ overwintering habitat. The new population numbers underscore the need to continue conservation measures to reverse this trend.

Programs & Outreach


Build Milkweed Gardens

We provide seeds and bedding for your own Milkweed Gardent!

Metro & Civic Projects

We provide grant funding through the Federal Land Management program to financialy underwrite your civic butterfly projects.

Educational Labs

Providing teachers and classrooms with affordable materials and lab instructions to teach responsible butterfly conservation and protection in the classroom.

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